Book a winter visit to Maui. There is much to see and do!

The perception of Maui as a sanctuary from the winter doldrums is supported by seasonal occupancy rates here at Maui Beach Vacation Club and our nearby sister properties. With owners returning en masse to escape the cold, coupled with the inducement of humpback whale sightings, we are typically filled to capacity November-April as Hawaii’s state mammal migrates from Alaska to give birth in our warm coastal waters. See? Whales like the warmth as much as humans! A winter visit to Maui offers much more than weather and whales, however. There is a lot to see and do during “Ho’oilo,” the winter season when the climate is wetter and cooler, sometimes windier, and snow occasionally blankets (albeit briefly) Haleakala.  Please click here for an informative article on what to expect from a winter visit, then book a stay!

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