Maui lawmakers ensure millions for capital improvements

Kahului Airport, everyone’s favorite landing spot in Maui, will receive a majority of the funding from a multimillion-dollar Capital Improvement Project earmarked for 2018 and 2019.  Of the $438 million secured by Maui representatives for the CIP, more than $126 million will go toward airport enhancements.

While that falls considerably short of the estimated $3 billion forecasted to complete upgrades on the main Maui airport through 2035, it will do very nicely in the short term.     

Yet to be revealed is where the windfall will go. The state Department of Transportation’s master plan calls for extending the main runway by 1,500 feet (to 8,530 feet) to accommodate fully loaded aircraft, reconstructing the current main runway, building a new 7,000-foot runway, expanding the terminal, and making terminal improvements. 

High on the improvement wish list is realigning the airport access road to relieve traffic congestion, constructing a consolidated rental car facility, installing new flight and baggage information display systems, and expanding parking to add more than 1,700 spaces. 

We hope to see you this summer. Happy flying, everyone!

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