The new Aloha Vacationer is ready for its screen test

Issue 3 2013

In Issue 3 of the latest Aloha Vacationer we devote our cover to the biggest news story that’s come down the pike in these parts in quite some time: the installation of free Wi-Fi in all our guest units. This is a great new amenity that will make your stay at Maui Beach even more enjoyable. Inside we share the latest resort information in Resort News and Notes and give you an insider’s suggestions on choosing the right luau. Thank you for reading the Aloha Vacationer. We hope you enjoy this penultimate issue of 2013. 

2013 Aloha Vacationer Issue 3

You may also view some Frequently Asked Questions on how to use the flip book at Newsletter Flip Book FAQs



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4 Responses to The new Aloha Vacationer is ready for its screen test

  1. Ben Calhoun says:

    O.K. Nevermind LOL. I found the tab to enlarge. Brilliant!

  2. Sherry Bye says:

    Thank you for installing Wi-Fi in the properties since so many of us use it on a daily basis. We receive The Aloha Vacationer from Kahana Beach Resort and Maui Beach Resort…..great publications, newsy, full of information, and easy to read on-line. We’re proud to be owners and look forward to our time in Maui.

    • admin says:

      Aloha, Sherry! Thank you for your generous comments. We are glad you enjoy the newsletters and find them informative. We value your ownership and are happy to provide the new Wi-Fi amenity. We hope to see you again soon!

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