Issue 1 of the 2013 Aloha Vacationer is now online

Issue 1 2013

Since we recently celebrated the first anniversary of our affiliation with RCI, we thought a recap and a progress report were in order for the 2013 debut of the Aloha Vacationer. Please consult the cover for all the pertinent info. In doing so you will undoubtedly notice a conspicuous graphic of what appears to be escapees from an M&Ms bag at the bottom of the page. In fact they are cartoon depictions of the RCI Points program. And don’t they look happy! Inside you’ll find everything that has happened or is scheduled to happen at your home resort since our last newsletter. Enjoy!

Issue 1 2013 Aloha Vacationer 

You may also view some Frequently Asked Questions on how to use the flip book at Newsletter Flip Book FAQs

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2 Responses to Issue 1 of the 2013 Aloha Vacationer is now online

  1. Diana Roloff says:

    We were at the resort in January 2013 and enjoyed everything except the weather (pretty chilly this year). The gentleman who discusses the tours and sells for Expedia made it fun also (wish I could remember his name). Anyway, thank you for going to RCI. Diana

    • admin says:

      Thank you for writing, Diana. We are glad you enjoyed your visit and experienced plenty of Aloha spirit from our concierge. We hope you are getting the most out of your RCI membership. We look forward to your next visit. Mahalo!

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